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up to 0,64

Thermal transmittance (in W/m²K)


Acoustic insulation (in dB)

to RC1, RC2

Security class

OLIMPICO is a solution dedicated to modern constructions and utilities with high energy-saving requirements.

The OLIMPICO system is dedicated to wooden and aluminium window structures for passive houses. Due to the high strength and performance parameters, such as excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, above-average air tightness, air permeability and resistance to wind load, the system is dedicated to use in modern construction with high energy-saving and utility requirements.

The system uses an innovative high-strength insulation material based on foamed PS, similar parameters for wood. Between the aluminum cover and the wooden window there is a polysterol foam, which, together with the main gasket, the middle gasket, with a polyethylene string, and in particular with a glazing unit, thus obtaining a Uw value window of 0.64 W (m2K).


There are various options available: pine, spruce, larch, meranti or oak + aluminium.



Wood colour covering from the RAL palette or azure from the catalog of transparent standard colours + aluminum color selected from among the color samples on aluminum.



From the Hoppe catalogue - to your liking.


OLIMPICO - Product details:

  • pine + aluminium,
  • spruce + aluminium,
  • larch + aluminium,
  • meranti + aluminium,
  • oak + aluminium.
Thermal transmittance:
  • Rw=32-50dB (depending on the selected glazing unit)
  • 2- or 3-glass package (eg. two-chamber 4/18/4/18/4; argon-filled inter-pane space; thermal transmittance: Ug up to 0,5 W / m2k,
  • optional "warm frame" in a colour matched to the colour of the window, safety glass VSG 6-12, anti-burglary: P2 - P5; soundproof panes, solar control, fire protection, Venetian glass, ornamental glass etc.
  • Locking system WinkHaus Activpilot, with an anti-burglary mushroom in the sash, 
  • Optionally: the possibility of using fittings with an increased security class: RC1 or RC2 with anti-pry bolts in door leaf, handle rotation locks with a lift, window opening limiter, gradual tilting, balcony latch),
  • optional applications of the Winkhaus Activpilot TopStar envelope hardware (hidden).
Way of opening:
  • turn windows (R),

  • tilt windows (U),
  • turn-tilt windows (RU).
  • Aluminum color selected from among the color samples on aluminum,
  • Wood color: opaque from the RAL palette or azure (showing the wood structure) from the catalog of transparent standard colours,
  • three-coat system (opaque color / impregnation, priming, surface); four-coat system (azure color / impregnation, priming, interlayer, surface).
  • transparent colour,
  • optionally: silicone colour matched to the colour of the wood,
  • available colours: white, cream-white, gray-white, transparent-gray, light-gray, gray, silver-gray, concrete-gray, jasmine, light oak, dark oak, pine brown, ochre brown, medium brown, roe brown, chocolate brown, dark brown, black.
  • Hoppe Luxemburg as standard - in white, old gold, silver or brown,
  • Optional: other handles with a key or a button from the Hoppe catalogue.
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