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Holzfenster PROFIL 78

1,00 – 0,90

Thermal transmittance (in W/m²K)


Acoustic insulation (in dB)

to RC1, RC2

security class

Wooden PROFILE 78 windows are a combination of a simple form and minimalism. This profile already allows the fulfilment better heat transfer coefficients (Uw).

The main distinguishing features of the PROFILE 78 model:

  • single-frame structure,
  • 78 mm thick frame,
  • four-layer glued square timber,
  • with lamellas joined along their length or with external solid lamellas,
  • different widths of profiles for the frame and sash.



There are various options available: pine, spruce, larch, meranti or oak.



Covering from the RAL palette or azure from the catalog of transparent standard colours.



From the Hoppe catalogue - to your liking.


PROFILE 78 - Product details:

  • pine,
  • spruce,
  • larch,
  • meranti,
  • oak.

Acoustic insulation:

  • Rw = 32-43dB (depending on the selected glazing unit)
Thermal transmittance:
  • Uw: 1,00 –  0,90 W/m2 K
  • standard 3-glass package, two-chamber 4/12/4/12/4, glazing thermal insulation: Ug = 1.1 W / m2k up to Ug=0,7 W/m2 ((argon-filled inter-pane space),
  • optional "warm frame" in a colour matched to the colour of the window, safety glass VSG 6-12, anti-burglary: P2 - P5; soundproof panes, solar control, fire protection, Venetian glass, ornamental glass etc.
  • envelope WinkHaus Activpilot, with one anti-burglary mushroom in the sash,
  • optionally: the possibility of using fittings with an increased security class: RC1 or RC2 with anti-pry bolts in door leaf, handle rotation locks with a lift, window opening limiter, gradual tilting, balcony latch),
  • With the possible application of the Winkhaus Activpilot Select envelope fittings (hidden).
Way of opening:
  • turn windows (R),

  • tilt windows (U),
  • turn-tilt windows (RU).
  • Covering from the RAL palette or azure (showing the structure of the wood) from the catalog of transparent standard colours,
  • Three-layer system / covering colour / impregnation, priming, surface); four-coat system (azure colour / impregnation, priming, interlayer, surface),
  • Optional: two-colour RAL / azure, azure / RAL.
  • 2
  • optional: 3
The drip:
  • aluminium in standard colours: white, silver, brown or dark brown,
  • optionally: aluminium in a selected RAL colour matching the colour of the window,
  • Optional: wooden drip.
  • transparent colour,
  • optionally: silicone colour matched to the colour of the wood,
  • available colours: white, cream-white, gray-white, transparent-gray, light-gray, gray, silver-gray, concrete-gray, jasmine, light oak, dark oak, pine brown, ochre brown, medium brown, roe brown, chocolate brown, dark brown, black.
  • Hoppe Luxemburg as standard - in white, old gold, silver or brown,
  • Optional: other handles with a key or a button from the Hoppe catalogue.
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