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Roller shutters

Top-mounted roller shutters

For new buildings and renovations

WAREMA top-mounted roller shutters are installed in new buildings and for window renovations.

In contrast to front-mounted roller shutters, the shutter box is placed directly on top of the window. This way the roller shutter and window can be installed in a single efficient step.


  • Shutter box is fitted onto the window from above, and the box and window are installed in the opening together – perfect for renovations and new buildings,
  • Various designs – visible with white plastic cover panel, also laminated in window colour if requested, with powder-coated aluminium cover panel or completely integrated into the facade as a model with a plaster base plate; also available as a complete system with integrated insect screen roller blind,
  • Effective heat insulation in accordance with the current energy saving regulations.

(Text-Source: Warema)


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