Window sills

Additional window protection

Window sills are not only decoration, but most of all protection.

In addition to the decorative function, window sills have a number of other properties, e.g. they protect the window recess against damage or provide the necessary thermal insulation.

You can buy both internal and external window sills, which, when properly selected and installed, they will enhance the functionality of the window, give it a unique style and facilitate drainage of rainwater.


In the color matched to the window or in a contrasting color version - one thing is certain, the window sill cannot be missing.

As it is the window sill that is responsible for the proper distribution of heat from the radiator and protection of the walls against dirt with this related, it should be remembered that its proper installation is important and crucial to reduce energy losses in our apartment or home.
Last but not least, the window sill is also an important element of the interior design, which can easily give any room a unique character.

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