Source (photo): Siegenia

Terrace doors

Folding doors

large glazing - lots of light

Folding doors can be opened to the full width.

This allows more daylight to enter the living space and creates an elegant transition to the terrace or garden. This technology is based on an innovative system built of rails and hinges - folding doors when fully opened allow you to reveal the entire door opening. They consist of two parts: turn-only or turn-tilt sash and two or more accordion opening sashes. Folding doors save a lot of space because the leaves are folded when they are open.

Our offer includes folding doors made of wood or wood-aluminum.

Overview of schemes:

(Note: definition of the intersection points e. g. A = intersection point in DIN direction, AS = intersection point in mirror image, D = intersection point in DIN direction, D220 = intersection point in scheme 220, 440 and 660, DZV = central locking at intersection point D. see notes page 134. For scheme 220, 440 and 660, please observe the additional notes in the assembly instructions FSde1006! You will find the assembly instructions FSde1006 as a PDF file on the SIEGENIA homepage - source: Siegenia)

Source (Schemes): SIEGENIA

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