Window sills

Internal window sills

A decorative and protective element in one

Although internal window sills are not a requirement, they are worth choosing due to the wide range of functions they perform. it is worth choosing.

First of all, they provide an ideal thermal insulation, reducing the flow of cold air from the window, mixing it with warm air above the radiator and are usually placed under the window sill. It is also a barrier against dust rising from radiators, which can affect our well-being and health.

In addition to high functionality, internal window sills are of course a graceful decorative element of the room, which, if properly made, mounted and decorated with flowers, adds charm and warmth to the interior.

In our offer you will find interior window sills made of wood or MDF (i.e. wood fiber board).

In the case of a wooden window sill, it is made of solid wood or glued square timber - depending on the selected color. We use solid wood in azure colors, while glued wood - in RAL opaque colors.

MDF window sills are characterized by high resistance to moisture, any abrasions or scratches, which makes them attractive elements complementing the interior design. When you choose MDF internal window sills, you do not have to worry about visible knots or cracks.

Wooden window sills, on the other hand, are relatively easy to keep clean due to the fact that they are covered with a layer of varnish or oil to which the dirt does not stick. In addition, they perfectly suppress outside noise. Window sills made of glued laminated timber (MDF) are characterized by good resistance to temperature changes and humidity. Thanks to this, they are also suitable for the kitchen or bathroom. Equally important, wooden window sills are simply ecological.



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