An original complement to a window with a protective function

Wooden shutters are available in the following variants:


The PARIS model is characterized by an openwork structure - with a significant gap between the rungs of the shutter, they provide natural light to the interior of the house or apartment. In this model, the rungs that make up the openwork are permanently fixed in the frame so that they protrude beyond it. Choosing this model, you choose the classic, because it resembles shutters from the past.



In the ORLEAN model, the frame is also filled with rungs, but with the difference that they are mounted so that they do not protrude beyond its outline, thanks to which the shutter gains the so-called lightness. This model uses a system based on composites, mounted in the shutter frame, alternating with wooden slats. Thanks to this, you will be able to replace the damaged element at any time, because they are not permanently attached to the shutter frame.



The LYON model is marked with a panel form, i.e. the shutter frame is filled with a wooden board (without openwork and clearances). This solution contributes to increased thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as protection against adverse weather conditions, such as rain or hail. Unlike the PARIS and ORLEAN models, it cuts off the access of light from the outside.


The NICE model is also characterized by a filling without openings, made of horizontal boards forming a whole (like paneling), which makes the shutter look more sophisticated, and the texture of the wood is additionally exposed.



The CAEN shutter model is a combination of two types of shutters and is characterized by partial filling with a wooden board, while the remaining part of the frame is filled with openwork rungs. The ratio of the division (and distribution) of the shutter filling with a full board and lamellas depends only on your preferences and needs.


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