Wood-aluminium windows


Classical functionality

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Holz-Alu Fenster Profile Quantum

up to 0,79

Thermal transmittance (in W/m²K)


Acoustic insulation (in dB)

to RC1, RC2

Security class

The QUANTUM model is characterized by the classic shape of aluminium overlays, which makes it so popular among wood-aluminum windows.

Timber-aluminium windows in the QUANTUM system will be appreciated by all those who are looking for a combination of classic and modernity, as well as solid and durable solutions. The classic wood-aluminium profile is characterized by a structure with a frame thickness and wooden sash 68, 78 or 92mm with an aluminium cover on the outside.


There are various options available: pine, spruce, larch, meranti or oak + aluminium.



Wood colour covering from the RAL palette or azure from the catalog of transparent standard colours + aluminum color selected from among the color samples on aluminum.



From the Hoppe catalogue - to your liking.


QUANTUM - Product details:

  • pine + aluminium,
  • spruce + aluminium,
  • larch + aluminium,
  • meranti + aluminium,
  • oak + aluminium.
Acoustic insulation:
  • Rw=32-50dB (depending on the selected glazing unit)
  • 2- or 3-glass package (eg. two-chamber 4/16/4/16/4; argon-filled inter-pane space);
  • Thermal transmittance from Ug=0,79 W/m2k,
  • optional "warm frame" in a colour matched to the colour of the window, safety glass VSG 6-12, anti-burglary: P2 - P5; soundproof panes, solar control, fire protection, Venetian glass, ornamental glass etc.
  • Locking system WinkHaus Activpilot, with an anti-burglary mushroom in the sash, 
  • Optionally: the possibility of using fittings with an increased security class: RC1 or RC2 with anti-pry bolts in door leaf, handle rotation locks with a lift, window opening limiter, gradual tilting, balcony latch),
  • optional applications of the Winkhaus Activpilot TopStar envelope hardware (hidden).
Way of opening:
  • turn windows (R),

  • tilt windows (U),
  • turn-tilt windows (RU).
  • Aluminum color selected from among the color samples on aluminum,
  • Wood color: opaque from the RAL palette or azure (showing the wood structure) from the catalog of transparent standard colours,
  •  three-coat system (opaque color / impregnation, priming, surface); four-coat system (azure color / impregnation, priming, interlayer, surface).
  • transparent colour,
  • optionally: silicone colour matched to the colour of the wood,
  • available colours: white, cream-white, gray-white, transparent-gray, light-gray, gray, silver-gray, concrete-gray, jasmine, light oak, dark oak, pine brown, ochre brown, medium brown, roe brown, chocolate brown, dark brown, black.
  • Hoppe Luxemburg as standard - in white, old gold, silver or brown,
  • Optional: other handles with a key or a button from the Hoppe catalogue.
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